One thing is clear, people (or rather potential clients) are hungry for whatever it is you are offering and they are all over the web searching for it. The problem in this case is that you are finding it hard to get to them. On the other hand, your potential clients are also having a hard time finding you. It is like you two are in a dark room trying to find each other. Your work here is to help them get to you and SEO is the proverbial light that will help you do that! With new online businesses coming about every now and then, competition for clients on the web is stiffening by the day. Business entrepreneurs are required to master the art of generating traffic in a bid to maintain their relevance in the business. It is due to this that the SEO world has grown into the multi-faced business it is today. Search engines have not made the job any easier for online business with upgrades on algorithms being made more frequently now. These engines are looking ways to make sure that their visitors get nothing but the best search results in the form of quality content. A combination of all these factors has forced SEO experts, webmasters and online entrepreneurs to find more advanced ways of generating traffic as well as building links. Here I discussed about how to sell your products of the reputable traffic generation in my traffic generation tips and how to grow your business step by step. It’s a open source network traffic generation source and also manually do yourself.

There several ways of boosting traffic to your website/blog and increasing your online presence. They include:

Write Quality Article – Share Your Creativity

Some days ago I live a job post in Elance for Article Writer, here I mentioned you “what type of article you will write for your blog or site”. Just see my requirements what I live in Elance; you must understand what I say about your article type for writing:

  • I am looking for someone who knows everything about SEO & Internet marketing (100% knowledgeable about Update Google panda), I am not looking for GENERAL SPAM ARTICLES, SPIN ARTICLES, RE-WRITE ARTICLES.
  • I am looking for someone who is expert in SEO & Internet Marketing. You must be from UK, Canada, and India to bid. Only expert in this field should apply. I am looking to have four extremely top quality articles SEO & Internet Marketing written for me monthly. I repeat those articles need to be VERY high in quality. Articles need to be informative and readers must be FEELING ENAGED at all times.
  • I would guess that those articles should be as long as needed to be. You do not have a word limit but it will be in the region of thousands to cover all information. You are required to do your own research. In each of the article, you need to let us know your references. PLAGIARISM is strictly PROHIBITED.
  • I would like each article to have a GREAT KILLER HEADLINE, bullet points (if appropriate), and a few sub-headlines to help break up the article for easier reading. Please note: A great article should come with KILLER CONTENT, some images (or advice me for make image, I will make a design (I’m professional designer -3d/graphics) and some reference links. Generally, preference will be given to candidates who could deliver articles with relevant images to improve readability. For instance:
  • Please send in your bid per article (in the region of 1.5k words). This is a long term job. If you have any questions, please let me know. We are working on a budget here and your bid needs to reflect that. Please do not compromise on quality though. Just send your best price.
  • Mr. Mizan